My Last Day of Freedom

Back to school

Greetings and salutations! Well everybody, it’s been a fun summer. I don’t think I’ve accomplished all the things I aspired to do, but I still had fun.

It’s time for books, homework, friends, and sappy high school drama to be the majority of my life again. Although, my goals as a senior will be to act more confident, happy-go-lucky, and friendly towards others. Here is a quote by Elbert Hubbard that I really want to reflect my life on in this next year.

“Don’t take life too seriously. You’ll never get out alive”  Elbert Hubbard, US Author (1856-1915)

Despite its short length, it carries a lot of weight. If you take life too seriously, than you will never be able to smile or laugh at the small/unimportant parts of life. There are things in all of our lives that probably wouldn’t matter to anyone but ourselves.

I hope that my senior year is filled with excitement and lots of good memories. One of my adolescent goals- I admit defeat- is to find a boyfriend. I don’t mean that I’ll go out asking each boy I know if he’s dating someone, and if the answer is no then sweeping him off his feet and into the church. No. I will take my time creating and strengthening relationships with my male friends, and hopefully- I pray- maybe the one who is right for me will appear before I leave for college; wherever that may be.

From this day forward, the length of my posts will vary depending on how eventful my days were. For example: Once I’m about a month into the school year, say I had a slow day, then I probably won’t have much to write home about. However, if I had two tests, an assembly, and a romantic British Literature class, then you’ll see much more written on the blog.

So until then, please take care and have a wonderful school year. Or for those of you who have started school already, don’t start slacking yet! Keep going strong until you reach the very end of that metaphorical tunnel.

Thank you for reading. Ciao!


Aww…To Be a Child Again

Greetings and salutations! Do you ever feel like sometimes you just have to treat yourself like you’re five years old; going to the playground, walking joyously through the toy aisle, or maybe even watching a classic kiddie movie? I know I do, something about the nostalgia gets me through the day; especially today.

So to start my story off, my dad didn’t have work today; by the way happy Labor Day everybody! We took this opportunity to have some father daughter time around the city. He took me to see a movie and then we did some shopping; nothing extravagant, just your average everyday purchase of family paraphernalia. However, when as we were walking through the store he starts to get annoyed with prices on laundry detergent. I’m not old enough to complain about small things like that, but from my perspective it’s apparently unfair; darn you Tide.

We started to get hungry at the conclusion of our shopping spree and my dad suggests we go to McDonald’s. I had no problem with that, it’s one of my favorite fast food restaurants; after Subway and all the delicious pizza shops around New York City.

Anyhow, we walked into one of the many McDonald’s in NYC and stood in the ordering line. As we were standing there I was thinking about what I was going to order. In my mind I was going to have the chicken sandwich- plain- as usual, but something in me this strange afternoon motivated me to order a happy meal. It’s not that I wasn’t hungry or felt like buying a cheaper meal. No. I felt like experiencing what many children already feel, the feeling to have a happy meal, find the toy inside, and feel like the world is perfect and nothing could ruin the day…

Fun Question: (I’ve heard this from many of my friends childhood stories.) How many of you have had your parents take away your toy and tell you that you can’t have it until you’ve finished your meal? 

So I had my father order a happy meal, and it looked the same as a regular meal…just smaller. The chicken nuggets, the fries, and the drink all shrunk by approx. half. I laughed and laughed as I ate it, and my father just stared at me the entire time, wondering why I asked for it. Having been born in London, I can’t say that I’ve personally had happy meals since I was young, but having it that day- I believe- widened my gaze.

I don’t think anyone knows for certain why they feel like they need a childish influence or experience every once in a while, but I personally know that it’s a great feeling indeed. I mean who doesn’t love to go down the slide or feel like they’re flying on the swings? It’s an experience that many enjoy, many attempt to hold onto, and that many hope their future generation can keep sacred.

Thank you for reading. Ciao!

September Has Arrived… DUN, DUN, DUN!

Greetings and salutations! Well everybody, yesterday was the first day of September. Do you know what that means? Yes. It means that there are three days- not counting today or the sixth- until school starts. Isn’t it that wonderful…*insert sarcasm*?

Don’t get me wrong, I probably love to learn more than the average teenager does, but there are times when the life of a high school student can become bothersome or hard to endure. If any of you are students, please comment on this blog and tell me what you think; especially if you think I missed an important topic. Now, let’s break it down:

  1. Homework/Classwork: homework is typically hard due to distractions around the house, and classwork is rarely accomplished because of the distractions friends cause.
  2. Sports/Extracurricular Activities: activities like these can absorb a handful of time and energy in a young person’s life, so when it comes time for school they are twice as exhausted as any other student.
  3. Actual Family/Friend Problems: many teachers or superiors like to think that as                   teenagers have no real stress or drama in our lives because we haven’t “experienced life” yet, but I beg to differ. Bad stuff happens to people of all ages, just because we’re young doesn’t mean that we are incapable of feeling or understanding. Stress is a modern and common bodily feeling/function; due to the intense environmental situations of our world.

In my opinion these are the most blatant hardships that are seen in high school, and to some they may seem like a list of excuses. I reassure you though, they are not; these are simply the reasons why teenagers feel like their life is falling apart or why they aren’t doing so well.

I’m NOT saying that these things should make you want to work less either. On the contrary, in order not to fall behind, one should tackle these seemingly large walls of terror head-on. As a student- basing this off of my recent high school experience- I had a balance of A’s and B’s, was a band student, and was part of a fitness club; and everyone has their share of family/friend or personal problems. As humans we must continue moving forward, always trying to find the light at the end of the tunnel and looking forward to whatever may be awaiting us.

So- hopefully having ended this on a cheerful note- let’s look forward to September, and smile as we keep heading forward. Look out last year of high school, here I come *no sarcasm necessary*!

Thank you once again for reading. Ciao!

Reading is Power

Greetings and salutations! What if there was no such thing as a book? Wouldn’t that be completely absurd? Without books, we could cut our knowledge and ability to think by about 85%. Books are the things that have kept us alive since the beginning of time. The concept behind books is so great that I won’t continue to rant about it.

So, as I’m sure you’re all aware, I am a Sherlockian through and through; I will flock anywhere that has the scent of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s great work. ‘Sherlock Holmes and the Hound of the Baskervilles’ is a book that will always be number one on my top ten list of books to read. There’s nothing like a good mystery to make you feel alive and kicking! And to make that feeling even better, a darkened room and a suspenseful mood really sends it over the top.

The apartment was completely quiet today; mom was at work, Colby (my older brother) finally went back to his dorm, and dad was at work also. I had the entire place to myself; it was pure bliss.

The story is just amazing, and if you don’t take my word for it, look for yourself. Buy a copy on amazon or something; I insist! (

Unfortunately, my post today isn’t as long as my others have been, but I felt like I needed to vent about how intriguing I find this fictional private detective. I advise that you get used to these occasional outbursts. Everyone in my family already knows I’m a mystery freak, it won’t take much time for you all to figure that out too.

Thank you for reading! Ciao!

Friends and Foolery!

Greetings and salutations! Do you remember those once-in-a-blue-moon times when you and your friends have those awkward yet hilarious moments? Today I will be sharing one of those moments that occurred a few weeks ago.

Despite it being summer, my mornings never really stray from the routine path. It consisted of: waking up, eating breakfast, cleaning up, and lounging around waiting for something to happen. I’ve kept contact with my closest circle of friends throughout this entire summer, and some of us figured that it would be a nice day to go out and have some fun. The temperature lingered somewhere in the high 80’s that day.

So for the sake of their privacy my friends will have their own code-names. There was Connie; a stylish and talkative girl with a love for dancing. Tyra; an attitudinal black girl who is never ashamed of what she says or does. Justin; an obnoxious and occasionally dim-witted individual….and then there was ‘him’.

Regardless if you’re male or female, there’s always that one person that makes you smile without trying or laugh when they haven’t said or done anything funny. This person is the cream to my sugar and the wind underneath my feathers; although, I may be exaggerating a little. He will be code-named Brendan; we became very close friends on the very first day of high school. Since then we’ve had our typical ups and downs, with a hint or two of teenage drama.

Connie, who constantly thinks of herself as the leader, decided we should go hang out for the day; maybe go to a movie then have some fun around the city, within limits of course. We all pretty much gave in without any hesitation; mainly on the count that summer had been disgustingly dull. Our group, if you haven’t noticed, is bewilderingly well-balanced; we have the stylish and snobby one (Connie), the tough yet elegant one (Tyra), the stupid and risk-taking one (Justin), the happy-go-lucky and random one (Me), and the cool yet competitive one (Brendan).

So we ventured out to see the movie; we all agreed on seeing ‘The Expendables 2’. The movie, in my opinion, is one of the best action-movies I’ve ever seen. We were all enjoying it until Justin decided to make a move on Connie…again. Everyone in the group wishes they’d just get together already, but love can be so blind sometimes. Tyra, Brendan and I sat there for half the movie, crying and laughing as we spied on Justin trying to act all mature and manly towards Connie. Then out of nowhere an explosion in the movie sends Justin, popcorn in hand, flying out of his seat. Popcorn begins to rain over all five of us and we can’t stop laughing; however, the crowd around us are staring evilly, and I don’t blame them. Eventually, we had to leave to keep ourselves from being kicked out. (Officially one of the funniest action-movies I’ve been to after that event.)

After that, we went to McDonald’s and ate nearly three meals each; I can’t explain why we felt like we had three stomachs, but it was funny non the less. Still laughing at Justin, and teasing Connie about the whole fiasco, we went our separate ways.

There were a few other chapters to this story, but the blog was growing fifty more feet for every word I typed on here. Next time I might just share the fun experiences I had with Brendan that day. Until next time, and thanks for reading! Ciao!

Babies and Banana Bread

Greetings and salutations! I’m on official blog post #2 today! Huzzah~! Today is Monday, as I’m sure many of you are aware. However, Mondays for my family are much more exciting than they are for most people.

Way back when I was a just a young little tot, my family had a tradition of holding “Big Breakfast Mondays”. To sum it up, everyone in the house enjoys a large breakfast together in order to start the week off happy and healthy. It’s been going on for as long as I can remember…but we digress.

This morning everyone- except my father who is away on a business trip- gathered around as usual; my mother, older brother, and myself. (For the sake of my brother’s protection, he will be code-named Colby in my posts.) Carrying on, everyone schlepped to the table and sat down half-asleep, but the unfortunate thing was no one remembered to make any breakfast; the honor of preparing the food was usually bestowed upon my father! My mother had been working late the night before, and my father was out of town; and Colby, well he is just a lazy wanna-be-athlete. So we all sat there staring at each other, wondering who would get up first and rummage through the kitchen to make whatever they could that tasted decent.

All eyes locked on to me.

In these few posts you’ve read, you may think, “Hmm. She writes like she has skills. Perhaps she’s capable of cooking.” Hahaha, nope. Cooking for me, is like seeing for Stevie Wonder; absolutely impossible. So I go into the kitchen and find a recipe for Banana Bread; it doesn’t seem too hard to make and there were three dying bananas in the corner of the counter top. I spread out all of the ingredients and set them in front of my mother’s cookbook; I go over everything about 100 times. As I’m preparing to crack the eggs, I hear our doorbell ring!

Not even two seconds later, a friend of my mother’s bursts in holding a large paper bag in one arm and has a baby slung around her chest in one of those fancy baby carriers. Long story short- which is probably too late to say- the contents of the bag was indeed breakfast! It had just about everything a teenage girl could want: bagels, jam, fruit, a cute little baby to play with afterwards, and BANANA BREAD. Luckily, my family and I did not have to suffer from ‘my’ atrocious cooking skills. We all sat down and enjoyed some delicious and free breakfast, and I must say I felt energized and ready for the day.

Thank the lord for babies and banana bread. Ciao!

Professor Layton is the Bee’s Knees!

I love Professor Layton. I honestly couldn’t pick which game is my favorite if you asked me,  but that doesn’t mean I can’t ask you. What do you guys think? I must admit defeat though…Clive has to be one of my favorite villains. (^U^)